Health Update & How I'm LEVELING UP⚡️

January 21, 2022 The Coach Jennie - Your Personal Growth Coach Episode 89
Health Update & How I'm LEVELING UP⚡️
Show Notes

Hey girl 👋🏻  It's Jennie, Your Personal Growth Coach and it's your year to LEVEL UP!

It's been almost 2 weeks on my new health & wellness journey and.... I'm still alive!  No lie, shits hard - but I'm doing it. Thanks for everyone for all the amazing support about insulin resistance, medications and food suggestions. I love you all. 

But this wellness journey really made me look inward to make sure i'm LEVELING UP with you! 

So I signed up for UHPW and UPW.  It's a 10 week program lead by the famous Karissa Kouchis (KK) and this program leads up to Tony Robbins UPW in March.  SO EXCITED

Sometimes we need to check ourselves and make sure we are LEVEL UP as well.

SISTERHOOD is killing it and I can't wait to see how the new "BOOK CLUB" unfolds in the membership.  If you're interested in a women's mastermind - check it out!

NEWSLETTER - if you're not on my Wellness Wednesday newsletter, girl - get on the list.  Hit up my webpage and sign up!  So many beautiful things there that are not offered on my posts. 

As always keep up the amazing spirts & thanks for all the love and support to my mom and me!

Love you all

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