Keto Made Me Sick ☠️ Weight Journey Edition

January 26, 2024 The Coach Jennie | Wellness | Life Strategist | Athlete Episode 195
Keto Made Me Sick ☠️ Weight Journey Edition
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Show Notes

Hey Babe πŸ‘‹πŸ»  Sometimes you need to speak up for your own wellness!

There was a point in my wellness journey that you need to re-evaluate how things are going. During the month of December I has enough! I was not feeling well, my joints hurt all the time and I was just tired and moody.  Maybe it menopause or maybe it just need some help!

In January I meet with my new registered dietitian and sports nutritionist and I just cried.  Everything hurt, my weight was going up but my labs are great - something was wrong.  After a very long and in depth conversation I learned that Keto was killing me.  

Follow along and learn how I'm phasing out of my keto lifetstyle.

❀️ Love you so big,

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