How Life Struggles Made Me Into The Sassy Badass Woman I Am Today 💃🏼

August 24, 2023 The Coach Jennie | Mental Wellness Coach | Athlete Episode 173
How Life Struggles Made Me Into The Sassy Badass Woman I Am Today 💃🏼
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Show Notes

Life lessons show us how to grow or they will beat you down - which one are you allowing to happen?

Today's podcast sparked up after 2 men on social media called me degrading names because I was encouraging women to stand in their power.  Well listen up honey, if you don't like powerful, 6'3" sassy babe - you are in the wrong place.  But Hey: thanks for being a fan & watching  my videos 😉 I'll take the view on the algorithm 

Here are a few GREAT ways to help you (re)build positive self image:

  • Say no to your inner critic 
  • Take a self-image inventory
  • Confront thinking distortions
  • Don't compare yourself to others
  • Spend time with those who support your
  • Dress in clothes that make you feel good

Rebuilding self-image is not easy, but possible. By following these tips in this podcast, you can start to develop a more positive and healthy view of yourself. 

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