Rebuilding THE COACH JENNIE & Helping Women Create A Positive Self Image"

June 30, 2023 The Coach Jennie | Mental Wellness Coach | Athlete Episode 165
Rebuilding THE COACH JENNIE & Helping Women Create A Positive Self Image"
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Show Notes

Welcome Back Friends  🙌🏻  Who is Jennie and What does she do? 

It's been a whirlwind over here and I know I've been a little quiet on social media about what's going on.  But with the new transition into my business full time, it's been scary AF but exciting. 

Trying to see how I can serve my community the best way I can but not lose my sense of self is what I'm trying to balance.  I see so many coaching wear a mask when they coach and are fully exhausted after a coaching call because they have to pretend to be someone else.  

Babe, that's not me - that's not my vibe.  What you see is what you get. I'm excited to share more of my sassy & spicy side - pull no punches and show you the daily sh*t that happens. Life is hard, but we don't have to go through it alone. 

I absolute LOVE private coaching because this is where I thrive the most! This is where I shine and use all the magic to help clients realize their potential and aware of negative patterns as well. Growth happens when you take the leap - stop trying to do it alone. 

Interested in joining my Beta Program: Mission Possible?  CLICK HERE

  • I'm only taking one more client through this program before I officially launch it to the public.

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