Attended Tony Robbins UPW to supported Unleash Her Power Within (UHPW) community

March 24, 2023 The Coach Jennie | Leadership | Wellness Consultant | Athlete Episode 151
Attended Tony Robbins UPW to supported Unleash Her Power Within (UHPW) community
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Show Notes

Welcome Back 🙌🏻  How I'm feeling after attending UPW for the 7th time!

That's right - I've attend UPW around 7x. But this time I was supported the Unleash Her Power Within (UHPW) community as a senior mentor. 

This time everything landed differently. Watching other women (and men) go through these 4 days was the most magical experience ever.  I've been immersed in these events as a participant but this time to watch people grow right in front of your eyes is powerful!  This is what it's like to be a coach - watching the magic unfold... LIVE!

UPW always changes me as a person and I become even more full of gratitude and zero in on my vision! I love these events and to attend them with friends is such a blast. 

It's always nice to be in tune with my 7 year old & 77 year old in life! They are both so wise and continue to teach me so many lessons. When you attend events with UHPW & UPW - they really tug on your heart strings and push you to level up. 

Want to learn more? Send me a message. 


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