Burning the candles at both end is a disaster!

March 03, 2023 The Coach Jennie | Leadership | Wellness Consultant | Athlete Episode 146
Burning the candles at both end is a disaster!
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Show Notes

Welcome Back πŸ™ŒπŸ»  I was a hot mess this week & I'll be the first to admit it.

Dear lord what a mess I was this week - I even forgot to recored my podcast! But that's ok, learning how to have grace and gratitude for myself during these moments feels so good! Thanks to my amazing friends who recognize some warning sign and stop me before things spiral out of control. 

Normally I would be so mad at myself for not "doing it all" but I've learned that not everything needs to be done right not and right away. Even though I still try go get as much goodness into my days, sometimes thats not always the best.

Remember - fill you jar up with all the magic for you first before you can serve others. Your wellness needs to come first.

🎧 Thank you so much for listening and I really appreciate you ❀️

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xo  ~Jennie

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