Changing my business path after attending Tony Robbins Business Mastery

January 20, 2023 The Coach Jennie | Leadership | Wellness Consultant Episode 142
Changing my business path after attending Tony Robbins Business Mastery
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Show Notes

Welcome back  πŸ‘‹πŸ»  It's time to get down to "business" - literally

Well you all know how much I love Tony Robbins and have been following his teachings since I was 14. But this past week, I attended Business Mastery to put me in a better mindspace for my business coming into 2023.

I learned so many amazing things like beefing up my email list (click here to be added) and ways to pivot post covid.
I also learned about the importance of passion & purpose and how to blend them together in a business! This is the big reveal coming into 2023. But also if something doesn't serve me to let it go - even if its employees, providers, friends, or clients!

One of the biggest questions we talked about is.... What do you do? I was able to come up with this sweet statement to describe what I do:

  • Do you know people who lack clarity and are unable to achieve their goals? Well I have a solution! I created a customized roadmap called β€œMission Plans.” So people can reach their potential faster and improve your life's quality.

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🎧 Thank you so much for listening and say hello to me on INSTAGRAM

xo  ~Jennie

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