Feeling Humble & Full of Gratitude

October 21, 2022 The Coach Jennie | Women's Wellness | Mindset Coach Episode 128
Feeling Humble & Full of Gratitude
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Show Notes

Hey Babe 👋🏻  Welcome back! This episode is a spitfire about feeling humble with the little things in life. 

Life is wicked busy, flying by and we are all in the hustle to hit the "next level." 

When is the last time we checked in with ourselves:

  • Are you happy with the life you're leading?
  • What's your strategy to get the results you desire?
  • Have you created or updated your Mission Plan?

If you're not sure about the answers to these questions >>> let's catch up!

Sometimes we need to just laugh a little more and remember how far we come! Right?

🎧 Thank you for listening & leave a review on the platform of your choice!

What is a Mission Plan?  Click >>> MISSION PLANS & MISSION POSSIBLE 

xox ~Jennie

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