Vacation Review & New Coaching Vibes

August 19, 2022 The Coach Jennie - Your Wellness Coach Episode 119
Vacation Review & New Coaching Vibes
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Show Notes

Hi  👋🏻   It's Jennie, Your Wellness Coach and today's podcast is vacation review and new coaching updates!

As I always say - Wellness starts with you! And it sure was nice to take a holiday away to reset the mind, body and soul. 

2022 had a rough start with mom pancreatic cancer journey, then her passing in July 2, 2022. But life come with highs and lows and it's how we handle them that make us successful.

During the last 4 months of 2022, we tend to put our goals on the back burner and say...
“I’ll start in the new year"

👉🏼  No way babe, not this year! You can hold it all & achieve what you need!

Wellness Wisdom is a coaching & accountability program that educates, entertains & helps you evolve! That's right, you can still enjoy the holiday season & achieve your goals.  

What you will learn in the program:

  1.  How to create healthy habits
  2.  Living a fulfilling life
  3.  Commit to growth
  4.  Vision planning for a success

As a coach, I love to guide others through life challenges. It's knowing you're not alone on this crazy life journey and having the accountability & support to reach your goals. 

Let's Get Started - See you in September!

Click here to learn more ~~~>

🎧 I appreciate you all so much. 
xo ~Jennie

✨ Jennie - Your Wellness Coach ✨

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