Let's chat about WATER💧

May 20, 2022 The Coach Jennie - Your Personal Power Coach Episode 106
Let's chat about WATER💧
Show Notes

Hey  Babe  👋🏻   It's Jennie and today we are talking about the most basic topic: WATER

I know, I know - ugh... water!  I get it. But do you?

If anything you learn today is to drink more water - it's simple. Water helps our bodies, clears the system and helps everything functions better.  And if anything, right now... I have the amazing Omicron Covid and drinking water has been my number one saving grace to help keep my body happy. 

As honestly, most of us have the amazing opportunity to turn on the tap and drink beautiful clean water. 

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Thanks for listening 🎧
xo ~Jennie

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