March Updates & 1/2 Private Coaching... WHAT?!? 😮

March 11, 2022 The Coach Jennie - Your Personal Growth Coach Episode 96
March Updates & 1/2 Private Coaching... WHAT?!? 😮
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Show Notes

Hey  Babe  👋🏻   It's Jennie and it's time to live, laugh and LEVEL UP... Let's Get Started!

MARCH is here and it's been such a vibe. As we all know - It's International Women's Day & Nutrition Month, my 2 favorite things to celebrate. So I wanted to make this month SPECIAL!

YUP - 1/2 off private coaching service - WTF, Right! Well - it feels completely aligned and serving individuals that were not able to work with me in the past have been stepping up to this beautiful offer. 

Life is about serving, helping and encouraging those who are ready to make ripples in the water.  I am here, I am ready - Let's Do This!

Use this coaching offer to achieves your next best self. 

xo ~Jennie

✨  Ready to see your potential - Grow with me ✨

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