Accountability: DIY or Need Help

April 15, 2022 The Coach Jennie - Your Personal Growth Coach Episode 101
Accountability: DIY or Need Help
Show Notes

Hey  Babe  👋🏻  It's Jennie & it's time to live, laugh, Level Up - Let's Get Started

Accountability is accepting the responsibility of our own behaviors.

Ohhh - I know there are many times I  don't want to accept the reality of my own behaviors, but I had to or someone else would point that sh*t out in a milla-second!

But one thing I learn is getting organized with my thoughts, having that clarity and creating an action plan is the key to success. No lie, I just ordered new planners from Clever Fox Planners again #obsessed  (use code thecoachjennie for 15% off)

Here are the 3 take-a-ways for today's podcast:

  • 1) Understanding your goals / find clarity
  • 2) Reduce overwhelm by getting organized
  • 3) Ask for help or Learn to learn to level up by doing it yourself

Coach Tip: Brain dump to brainstorm - use the productivity planner to help!
Thanks for listening 🎧
xo ~Jennie

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